How to get Free PDUs

Earning a PMI Certification is valuable to your career. Everyone who earns a PMI certification (with the exception of the CAPM® certification) must actively maintain their certification(s) through participation in the CCR Program and renewal of their certification(s) every 3 years. You can maintain your certification by earning PDUs (Professional Development Units) and reporting those on PMI’s Continuing Certification Requirements System (

There are different CCR requirements for each PMI certification. PMP, PBA, PgMP, and PfMP certification holders need to get 60 PDUs, ACP, RMP, and SP Certification holders need to 30 PDUs only.

These PDUs can be earned through various activities that can be categorized in two areas:

  1. Giving back to the Profession – by sharing the knowledge or working in the profession. You can claim a maximum of 25 PDUs in the category. That means you can’t earn 60 PDUs by giving back to the profession.
  2. Education – by learning new skills in project management are covering technical, leadership, or strategic and business management categories. You have to report a minimum of 35 PDUs in educational category. You don’t have to limit your education PDUs by 35, you can earn 60 PDUs in this category. A constraint needs to be satisfied. You have to earn 8 PDUs in each of “Technical”, “Leadership”, and “Strategic” categories. Usually, 1 hour of qualified PMI education will provide 1 PDU.
  3. There are TEN Subcategories (or ways) to earn PDUs. This article focuses on SIX possible FREE Subcategories (or ways) to earn PDUs

Ways to earn PDUS

A maximum of 25 PDUs can be earned from first 3 areas.

  1. Work as a Practitioner – Working in a profession related to your certification. You can claim 8 PDUs per reporting cycle (3 years)
  2. Share the knowledge – Perform internal training for colleagues
  3. Deliver Presentations – Preparing for and speaking or presenting. Activities include presentations you delivered at a PMI chapter event, other professional conferences, or internally at your organization, which relate to your certification.

A minimum of 35 PDUs should be earned from following 3 areas. Need to satisfy a constraint of getting 8 PDUs per area among “Technical”, “Leadership”, and “Strategy”.

  1. Online or Digital media: Many educational webinars, videos and other types of digital content are available online and on demand. Best free sources are a webinar on Project, YouTube, TED Talks on Project Management or Your Company provided training content.
    §; This link has many Free Webinars. Select webinars that have 1 or 2 PDUs published in the description section.
  2. Read Project Management Books Reading is a valuable component of learning, and there are countless reading materials pertinent to the profession. You can read books, articles, whitepapers, or blogs to stay informed and support your ongoing professional development.
  3. Informal Learning: Lunch and learn sessions

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