Find Out If You Qualify For A PMP Certification Exam? List All Qualifications?

Becoming a certified project management professional is one of the best decisions that you should consider for building a thriving professional future. Employers from all over the world now look for intelligent and multitasking resources and that’s exactly where these certifications come.

Regardless of the project management domain who have been working, you can easily qualify the eligibility criteria for PMP certifications by assessing the following primary requirements and qualifications.

Academic Credentials

Your academic credentials appear on top of the list when it comes to determining if you are eligible for the PMP certification. Individuals who have a high school diploma, associate degree, bachelor’s degree, and master’s degree are eligible for PMP certifications.

Project Management Experience

Next to academic credentials, your professional project management experience is also part of the eligibility criteria. Your provided information should reflect all of your project management related professional work experience while mentioning the various projects that you have worked for.

If you are a high school diploma or associate degree holder then you will have to show at least 5 years of relevant work experience. And if you are a bachelor’s degree holder then you will provide at least 3 years of relevant work experience.

Project Management Hours

In addition to providing your project management work experience, you will also need to provide relevant project management and leadership working hours that highlight your role as a project manager and presents the total number of hours that you have spent while leading the various projects over the time.

If you are providing 5 years of experience then you will provide a total of 7,500 hours. And if you are providing 3 years of experience then you will provide a total of 4,500 working hours of project management.

35 Contact Hours of PMP Training

Other than your academic credential, project management work experience, and the least number of project management work hours, you will also have to complete 35 contact hours of a professional PMP certification training course.

These 35 hours can be easily earned by choosing one of the best PMP certification training boot camps. The majority of these PMP certification training boot camps are online and offer a highly flexible and convenient training environment. You will be able to complete your training and preparation absolutely on your own pace.

Key Takeaways

It can be easily concluded that if you are a qualified professional having recommended set of academic qualification, relevant work experience, led project management teams, and own 35 PDUs then you are all set to apply for your desired PMP certification. You can find more information and knowledge about the entire application process and examination criteria by engaging yourself with online project management communities as well.

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