How To Become A PMP Certified Professional For A Thriving Career?

Are you seeking a way to instantly upscale your professional career and maximize your employability on a global scale? If yes, then PMP Certification is the ultimate solution. Earning PMP certification has become the most modern norm in today project management industry and countless professionals have already started to make the most out of these.

Here is a short and easy guide that will help you in becoming a PMP certified professional and building a thriving career.

Step 01: Take A Look at the (PMP) ® Credentials Handbook

PMI has published a comprehensive handbook titled “Project Management Professional (PMP) ® Handbook” which explains everything that you as a participant would like to know about PMP Certification, its exam, and the entire process for successfully becoming a certified project management professional.

Step 02: Check Your Eligibility

After reviewing the (PMP) ® Credentials Handbook, participants are required to check their eligibility and make sure that they meet the qualification criteria for PMP certifications. If you have a high school diploma or an associate degree then you should have 5 years of project management experience or 7,500 hours and if you have a bachelor degree then you should have 3 years of project management experience or 3,500 hours.

In addition to the academic and work experience, the application process also requires the participants to have 35 PDUs or Professional Development Units contact hours. These contact hours can be easily earned through an online PMP certification training course provider.

Step 03: Earn 35 PDUs with A PMP Certification Training

If you have already earned 35 PDUs then you can move on to the next step which is about signing up and registering yourself with PMI. But those who need to earn these PDUs should look for the best online PMP certification training course provider nearby.

The best way to find out some of the top ranking training providers is to look online. Get a list of top ranking training providers, find your desired training program, compare the costs, check if the provider is registered, and register yourself for the training.

You can easily complete the required contact hours because online training providers feature greater flexibility and comfort of time. You can carry it on your own pace which makes it easier to keep the right work/life balance.

Step 04: Sign Up and Register Yourself

Once you are done with meeting the entire eligibility criteria, you will now signup and register yourself on PMI. Visit and register yourself on the official website of PMI after which you will be required to fill your online PMP application form. Carefully provide all of the required details and information and submit it for approval.

Step 05: Go Through the PMBOK® Guide and Take the Exam

PMI provides the PMBOK® Guide which is considered to be the primary reference guide to the PMP certification exam. It is therefore highly recommended to go through this guide as much as you can.

If you are unable to find the best online PMP certification training course provider near you then look no further, Project Leadership Coaching can provide you the most reliable, convenient, and affordable platform to earn the required 35 PDUs.