How to Get 35 PDUs For PMP Certification?

Professional Development Units or PDUs are the required training contact hours that all PMP certification participants should complete in order to become eligible for the exam. It is one of the primary requirements for successfully appearing and passing the certification exam.

Why PDUs Are A Compulsory Requirement?

Earning PDUs refers to completing a registered PMP training course which enables the participant to learn and prepare for the PMP exam. Participants are able to learn and understand their chosen PMP certification and develop the required skills and abilities to successfully earn the desired PMP certification.

You will be provided a certificate of completion by the PMP training provider once you complete the training. It will be required in the PMP certification exam application as a primary document.

Can I Use My Previous PDUs?

Do not worry If you are thinking that these PDUs will expire. You can use them any time but it is also important to understand that the field of project management is constantly evolving and newer trends have been rapidly introduced. It is one of the primary reasons which makes it mandatory for the training providers to provide updated training courses and methodologies.

Most of the certified project management professionals and consultants recommend participants to check if their earned PDUs are still relevant to the type of certification they are about to apply. If not, then it is highly recommended to get a fresh set of PDUs.

What Is the Best Way to Earn 35 PMP PDUs?

When it comes to finding and earning the required 35 PDUs, you will come across both traditional institutes as well as online platforms that offer the best PMP Certification Training Boot camps. These programs focus on the latest industry trends and modern-day practices in the field of project management.

According to the majority of PMP certification participants, online platforms are recommended because they provide greater convenience and flexibility. By choosing an online PMP training program you will be able to manage your time efficiently and complete it right from the comfort of your home.

Compared to traditional PMP training institutes you will be able to come across numerous reliable online training providers. They provide comprehensive details and make it easier to choose the best option from a huge variety. Lastly, online PMP training programs are helpful in reducing the cost of training because you will be able to choose from a wide variety of registered online PMP training providers.

Choosing the Best PMP Certification Training Boot Camp for PDUs

Once you are done with understanding the concept of earning PDUs and the best way to get them, you should be able to choose the best training opportunity in order to maximize your chances of success in the PMP exam.

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