Is It Hard To Get PMP Certification?

PMP or project management professional certification is one of the most demanded professional credentials in the field of project management. Followed by an extensive range of exclusive advantages and benefits, most of the project managers prefer these certifications as a highly rewarding value addition to their professional profile.

According to the majority of certified project management professionals, successfully earning a PMP certificate is not at all a challenging task. It is just that the participant should be able to understand the entire set of requirements, eligibility criteria, and earning PMP training contact hours.

Requirements for PMI Certificate


In order to successfully qualify for a PMP certificate, the candidate should have a high school diploma, associate, or a bachelor degree. If you have one of these academic credentials then you are able to fulfill the academic credentials requirements for PMP certification.

Work Experience

In addition to the required academic credentials, you are also required to provide relevant work experience in the field of project management. It is also important to note that the required years of experience vary according to the level of academic credential that you own.

If you have a high school diploma or an associate degree then you should have to provide a minimum of 5 years of experience and if you are a bachelor then you should have at least 3 years’ experience in project management.

Project Leadership and Management Capabilities

In order to successfully meet the eligibility criteria for PMP certification, the participant should also be able to provide a certain number of professional working hours of project leadership and management. These hours highlight and verifies your project management leadership and management capabilities, and confirms that you are a capable project manager.

With a high school diploma or associate degree, a total of 7,500 project management and leadership hours are required. And with a bachelor degree, the participant is required to provide only 4,500 project management and leadership hours.

35 Project Management Training Contact Hours

Earning 35 contact hours of PMP Certification training course the fourth and most important requirement to successfully earn a PMP certificate. The majority of participants choose online PMP Certification training course due to the fact that they provide the most advanced and up-to-date PMP certification training and also features additional benefits that make it easier to successfully pass the PMI Certification exam.

Registering and Apply for your desired PMP Certification 

Once you are done with understanding and ensuring the required academic, work, and training credentials, all you have to do is to visit and register yourself. After registering yourself, apply for the desired certification, make the payment, and provide all of the required details and documents.

Appear In the Exam

After providing all of the required information, detail, and documents, you will be soon contacted by the PMI officials regarding approval or disapproval of your application. Once approved, you will be able to schedule your PMP certification test and appear in the exam.

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