Top 10 Tips to Pass Your PMP Certification In 2019

Passing your PMP certification exam can be challenging which is why countless participants look for expert tips and guidance that can help them in successfully passing the exam. Let us get to know what experts have suggested to the PMP certification participants in 2019.

  1. Read The (PMP) ® Credentials Handbook

According to the majority of experts and training professionals, the (PMP) ® Credentials Handbook is one of the primary resources that not only gives an introduction to the certification but covers a lot of important elements that are essential to passing the exam.

  1. Meet The Eligibility Criteria

It’s better if you have thoroughly explored and understood the required eligibility criteria for PMP certification and you should know that you will be required to present 35 PDUs as one of the primary requirements.

  1. Choose The Best Place To Earn The Required PDUs

PDUs or Professional Development Unit contact hours are crucially important in terms of successfully passing the exam. If you have chosen a top PMP certification training provider then you will be able to prepare better for the exam.

  1. Make The Most Out Of Your Training Instructor

You will find several online PMP training providers out of which you will be able to identify a top PMP certification training program recommended by most of the people. Start your training and make the most out of your trainer to learn as much comprehensively as possible.

  1. Become Part Of Online Communities

Join online project management communities. These communities will help you connect with project management professionals who will provide you value-added tips and guidance.

  1. Devise A Custom Study Plan

From the training sessions and the provided study material to exploring online resources and the PMBOK® Guide, devise a custom plan that can help you complete the contact hours as well as your preparation for the exam.

  1. Look For Additional Preparation Resources

You will be able to come across several free online resources that provide extensive study and practice material in regard to the PMP certification exam. Access them and expand your span of knowledge.

  1. Try As Many Practice Tests As Possible

Practice tests help a lot in not just overcoming your learning flaws and in identifying areas of improvement but attempting multiple practice tests will help you gain more confidence and improve time efficiency.

  1. Follow PMI Provided Resources And References

PMI published resources and guides are one of the most important resources that can help you successfully pass your PMP certification exam in 2019. Go through these guides and references to draw a thorough understanding.

  • Your PMBOK® Guide Is The Key To Success

According to the majority of certified project management professionals, PMBOK® Guide ranks on top of the lists as the best resource for successfully earning their desired PMP certification. Make the most out of this guide and become a certified project management professional.

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