What Are The PMP Certification Exam Requirements

PMP or Project Management Professional certificate is one of the most distinguished professional certifications for project managers. From learning and practicing newer concepts to upscaling interpersonal and leadership capabilities, PMP certification is the best way to achieve swift career progression.

The majority of qualified and experienced project management professionals have made the most out these certifications both in terms of knowledge and rewards. You can easily become a PMP certified professional by meeting the following PMP Certification Exam Requirements and eligibility criteria.

Academic Requirements

In order to successfully become eligible to apply for a PMP certificate, you should have the required academic credentials. If you have a high school diploma, an associate degree or a bachelor degree then your academic credentials match the required criteria.

All you need to understand is the difference between having a high school diploma or associate degree and bachelor degree. Depending upon your academic credentials, you will have to provide either 5 or 3 years relevant project management work experience.

Work Experience Requirements

If you have a diploma or associate degree and you have been working as a project management professional then you will have to provide at least 5 years of work experience. It includes 7,500 hours of performing project leadership and management.

On the other hand, if you have a bachelor degree and you have been working in the field of project management then you will have to provide at least 3 years of work experience. It includes 4,500 hours of performing project leadership and management.

Training Requirements

In addition to the academic and work experience requirements, all of the PMP participants are required to provide 35 contact hours of training which can be easily earned through a registered and recognized PMP Certification Training Boot camp.

You can find both traditional and online training providers. The majority of PMI Certification participants are working professionals so it is easier for them to choose an online PMP Certification Training Boot camp to complete the certification within their daily schedule.

Choosing the best Training Provider

It is highly important to choose the best training provider. Whether it is a self-paced or an instructor-led training course, make sure that you have chosen a registered provider. Earning these 35 contact hours not only means that you have to attend a formal training session but you should be able to learn as much as possible and be able to perform well when it comes to appearing in the PMP certification exam.

What’s covered in These PMP Certification Trainings?

PMP certification training course will provide you the required span of knowledge, guides, and learning material that are essential to successfully preparing and passing your PMP certification exam. From PMI PMBOK GUIDE to practice exam tests, you will be able to get everything that required to complete your PMI certificate.

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